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This article was written on 11 Oct 2023, and is filed under Journalism.

Massacre Likely In Gaza: Turkish Anadolu Agency Interview

Turkish Andalou Agency asked me to respond to some questions † on the Autumn 2023 Israel-Gaza War, and I’m sharing my full remarks here via YouTube video too.

The final piece was published online at aa.com.tr (Twitter/X, YouTube) and in English. The interview was picked by Vice, Nation Africa, PressTV, and various Turkish media like Yeni Asya.

(1) Update on Palestine situation?

(2) Assessment of journalists’ responses in conflict zone?

(3) Equal empathy for Palestinians in Western media?

(4) BBC’s discourse bias: Israelis “killed”, Palestinians “dead”. Thoughts?

(5) Noticed any biased/unconfirmed reports in Western media? Indicators of racism?

(6) Reasons for rapid misinformation spread in the West?

(7) Biased reports as disinformation for Gaza mass slaughter acceptance. Agree?