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This article was written on 01 Nov 2020, and is filed under Philosophy.

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‘Who Am I’ podcast interview on religion, trauma and Gaza

Had the pleasure of being interviewed on Who Am I?, a podcast ‘unravelling young Muslim identities’. We covered a lot.

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“Folks who don’t like ‘organised religion’, and I used to be one, the question for them today has to be:– what do you want then to organise in your life and why? If you’re not going to choose this God, then what is your god? Is it your career? Is it your wife? Your money? Your BMW?”

“Islam is there to make us better humans, it’s not there to replace the ‘human’ bit. Islam doesn’t replace our humanness.”

“In time everything assimilates. In time living in a war zone even becomes ‘normal’ for those who live there. That’s the human condition.”



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Introducing EPISODE 4!! 🥁 (Link in Bio) On life: A journey across continent’s ~ With @harryfear Episode 4 takes us to the little town of Oxford to hear Harry’s story… Life is full of surprises, better described as an obstacle course with constant unpredictability.But experiences such as these are what truly shape us into better human beings. My conversation with Harry in this episode follows the theme of this very thought. Harry is a well known Filmmaker and Journalist. We talk about his secular upbringing, his early interest in Islam and his time spent in Palestine covering the war of 2012 and 2014. We delve deeper into what this all means to him today and how, despite life’s setbacks he continues to derive comfort and meaning from his faith. Don’t forget to check out Harry’s documentary “Gaza: Still Alive” which is available on youtube in English as well as Arabic. It highlights the immense psychological suffering of the Palestinian people, having been trapped in Gaza for over a decade. Living at a time when nationwide lockdowns have become the new norm, the plight of the Palestinians for whom this has always been a never ending reality, should be all the more recognised … #episode4 #whoamipodcast #identitiesunravelled #oxford #palestine #gaza

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