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This article was written on 09 Mar 2013, and is filed under Gaza Report.

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Palestine Today – Radio Show

Palestine Today is my weekly radio show with co-host Kathleen Wells. It’s broadcast live on local KCAA Radio in California, USA and online.

Every Saturday we look at the latest news from Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem, talk to Palestinians, take calls from listeners and discuss geopolitical issues affecting Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

Listen online on Saturdays at 11am California time (?).

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You can always listen live to our show, thanks to Ustream. If the video stream isn’t Live, then listen here instead.

Episode 28
Kathleen and I speak with Israeli peace activist Angela Godfrey-Goldstein and Palestinian peace educator Abdelfattah Abusrour.

Episode 27
Kathleen and I speak with renowned Palestinian author Ramzy Baroud about the Palestinian disunity crisis and Israeli activist Adam Keller of Gush Shalom about Israel’s occupation policies.

Episode 26
We, Kathleen and I, speak with American Kyle Casey living in the West Bank, and discuss the Syria crisis with commentators Mimi Al-Laham (‘SyrianGirl Partisan’) and Rania Masri.

Episode 25
Kathleen Wells and I look at Israel’s peace camp with Israeli activist and Gush Shalom founder Uri Avnery, and discuss the propensity for US strikes on Syria with American Prof. Elaine Hagopian.

Episode 24
With Kathleen Wells in the California studio, we take interesting analysis from Egyptian Hesham Haggag and Iranian Nima Wahid Azal on the crisis unfolding in Egypt.

Episode 23
With Kathleen Wells in the California studio, we listen to a recorded interview Dr. Elaine Hagopian, and then briefly discuss the situation in Egypt with Egyptian Hesham Haggag Ami and Iranian blogger Nima Wahid Azal.

Episode 22
With Kathleen Wells and guest Mohammed AbedAllah, we discuss the so-called one- and two-state solutions, and take listeners’ questions.

Episode 21
With Kathleen Wells and guest Jeff Blankfort, we discuss the status of renewed peace talks and the situation developing in Egypt.

Episode 20
Kathleen Wells engages with guests Palestinian-American Susan Abulhawa and Egyptian Hesham Haggag Ami.

Episode 19
Kathleen Wells speaks to both Palestinian artist Talha Al-Ali from Tulkarem and Edward Clark with the Bristol Nakba Museum.

Episode 18
With Kathleen Wells, our guests are Haitham Dahlan, on the Nakba and about being a Palestinian living in Jordan, and Palestinians Mai Nasrallah and Farah Najjar, participants on my convoy.

Episode 17
With Kathleen Wells, we speak to Palestinian curator Rawan Sharif talks about the art exhibition ‘Occupied Palestine’.

Episode 16
In the studio, Kathleen speaks to our guest is Palestinian Dr Khaldun Bshara, director of RIWAQ (a Palestinian heritage preservation scheme) in the West Bank.

Episode 15
Kathleen Wells speaks to Jack Pereskian of The Palestinian Museum.

Episode 14
With Harry Fear and Kathleen Wells, we speak with Palestinian Edward Badeen.

Episode 13
Kathleen Wells speaks with renowned broadcaster Alan Hart.

Episode 12
With Harry Fear and Kathleen Wells, we have special guest Israeli Miko Peled, author of “The General’s Son”.

Episode 11
With Kathleen Wells and Harry Fear, we speak to Palestinan in Gaza Majd El Wahaidi, and American Alison Weir about IfAmericansKnew.org.

Episode 10
With Harry Fear and Kathleen Wells: we look at the situation in Gaza with Palestinians Noor Harazeen, a journalist and Ahmed el-Derawi, an activist. We also take listeners’ questions.

Episode 9
With Kathleen in California and me in Gaza, we speak with Palestinian reporter Noor Harazeen for the latest in Gaza and Palestinian filmmaker Hisham Zreiq for an insight into the Nakba.

Episode 8
With me in Gaza and Kathleen in California, we speak with special guest Arab Israeli (Palestinian) ‘heckler’ Rabeea Eid and take open phones.

Episode 7
With me in the UK with a pre-recorded interview with Palestinians Deema Sousi and Yasmeen Khader, Kathleen in California speaks to special guest Richard Falk on the issue of Palestinan prisoners.

Episode 6
With me in Gaza and Kathleen in the studio, we look at the one and two state solutions, speaking with Palestinians Khalil Al Wazir in Gaza and Thora Kannan in the West Bank.

Episode 5
With Kathleen in the USA, and special guest Yousef Al Helo and me in Gaza, we discuss Israel’s recent airstrikes on Gaza, freedom of expression in Gaza, and the Palestine injustice at large.

Episode 4
With me in Gaza, Kathleen in California and Palestinian Christian Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh in Bethlehem, we look generally at the Israel-Palestine situation, the day before Easter Sunday.

Episode 3
With me still stuck in Egypt, Kathleen and our special guest Shadi from the West Bank, we look back at Obama’s trip and look to the future.

Episode 2
With me in Egypt, Kathleen in California and guests in both the West Bank and Canada, we look at Obama’s regional visit and the issue of Palestinan refugees.

Episode 1
In our debut show, with me in Cairo and Kathleen in the studio, we discuss my just-ended talking tour, updates from Gaza and Jerusalem, and take listeners’ calls.

Season one is now complete; 29 episodes broadcast.

The show will run for at least 14 weeks and is a great opportunity to get news and voices out from Palestine to both an average American audience and a global audience online.

For coverage or interview suggestions, email producer Donna Nassor.

Special thanks to: Kathleen Wells, Donna Nassor, KCAA Radio and the show’s sponsors.