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This article was written on 10 Jun 2012, and is filed under Gaza Report.

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Forgotten Histories – A Video Report

Video Report #3 at GazaReport.com
Harry Fear / Gaza

In this video report I encourage people of conscience to visit Gaza to help boost the drastically low number of solidarity activists in the Strip.

I explain the striking reality of being able to see Israel from the incredibly small Strip, and affirm that it was only 64 years ago that Palestinian villages stood where Israeli cities stand today.

I speak to a survivor of the 1948 Nakba (catastrophe), who speaks of her people’s plight and explains her hopes to return to her land.

I also look at how today’s Gaza no longer operates on Palestinian currency, shocked out of circulation in 1948.

The message of this report is: if we forgot history, the Palestinians certainly did not.

Special thanks to Noor Harazeen.