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This article was written on 02 Dec 2012, and is filed under Gaza Report.

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Harassed in Gaza – A Video Report

Video Report #8 at GazaReport.com
Harry Fear / Gaza

Local journalists and agencies reported that an Israeli shelling injured four Palestinians in East Deir Al-Balah at 10pm last night. I reported their story, along with its details. The incident took place hundreds of metres from the border with Israel.

Myself and Palestinian journalist Noor Harazeen investigated the following day, speaking to residents, witnesses and some of the injured. We believe the explosion was either a fresh Israeli attack (a further ceasefire breach) or the explosion of a previously-unexploded ordnance from Israel’s recent Operation Pillar of Cloud.

After investigating, we proceeded to explore the so-called ‘buffer zone’ area near the border with Israel. This area had previously been an explicit ‘no-go zone’, according to Israel and its violent harassment policy in the area, but the recent ceasefire agreement between Israel and Palestinan resistance groups, had supposedly ‘freed’ this area bordering with Israel.

On visiting this Palestinan territory near the border, we (ourselves) became victims of post-ceasefire Israeli oppression in this (clearly not freed) buffer zone area, even though the Israeli soldiers knew internationals and media personnel were among us.

Special thanks to: Noor Harazeen.