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This article was written on 28 Nov 2012, and is filed under Gaza Report.

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Operation Pillar of Death – A Film

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Harry Fear / Gaza

Israel’s Operation Pillar of Cloud lasted 8 calendar days and claimed the lives of almost 180 Palestinians, while injuring hundreds of children and women.

A commemoration of the names and ages of the Palestinians killed (in what many Gazans called a ‘massacre’) was something that was obvious to me to make into a film.

After the ceasefire, my team had the exhaustive process of getting the official names of those killed, then their ages, and then finally translating all this information in preparation for production.

I hope the film, which I named Operation Pillar of Death, can respectfully commemorate those lives taken and can powerfully expose the real dynamic of violence between Israel and the Palestinians.

Special thanks to: Jiji Rostom, Mohanad Nabhan, Noor Harazeen, Lama Ziyda, Ahmed al-Hajj, Bassil al-Dalou, Nasser al-Shaqouq, Ala’a al-Moghrabi, Ala’a Abu Sha’eera, Eman al-Atawi, Yousef al-Jammal, Mousheera Jammal, Al-Dalou Family, Watania Media Group.