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This article was written on 30 Apr 2013, and is filed under Gaza Report.

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Targeting Haitham Al-Mis’hal – A Video Report

Video Report #10 at GazaReport.com
Harry Fear / Gaza

At 9:50am two Israeli drone missiles targeted Haitahm Ziad Al-Mis’hal, a 25-year-old militant. He was allegedly responsible for rocket attacks on Israel. It was the first such targeting since November’s 8-day Gaza war.

Hamas condemned the assassination with cautious statements, while other Gaza militant groups said they would respond to the targeting.

Haitham left behind a dozen dependent family members, including his 25-year-old pregnant wife.

Correction: Reuters and most news agencies reported Haitham’s age as 29 years. One of Haitham’s closest relatives initially told us that Haitham was 26 years old. Haitham’s mother has now clarified to us that Haitham was living his 25th birthday when he was assassinated. The video’s subtitles have been appropriately corrected. The woman depicted as Haitham’s mother is in fact one of his aunts, Um Mohammed Al-Mis’hal. Haitham’s mother is not depicted in the video.

Special thanks to: Mohanad Nabhan, Noor Harazeen, Isra Mig, Anonymous Dubber.