Life and Career Mentoring

Starting 2020 I’m excited to be offering mentoring for individuals who want career guidance, who want to work on their productivity, or who are facing mental roadblocks on the way to reaching their goals.

My mentoring offering is different from life coaching or talking therapy, because I bring my own career and life experiences more directly to help you work through your challenges and work towards your goals. Neither coaching or therapy then, I think of my mentoring as a ‘third way’.

We work together on scheduled face-to-face video sessions (or phone calls). Or, if you’re in the south of England we may be able to arrange to meet in person (socially distanced).

My mentoring is not just for those working in the media. But it’s best-suited for those with humanitarian goals.

I adapt our sessions to your specific background, goals and needs. Get in touch to discuss how mentoring might help you. Or book now via Calendly.

You may be facing an important juncture in your career, or be wanting to develop a side hustle, or be a student with humanitarian ambitions — this mentoring could be for you.

I’m often asked whether I can take a specific look at a CV, showreel, website, cover letters or general email communication style or content. We can do all that too.

Let’s chat about how mentoring may work for you.

Or book a session right now with Calendly.