57 Journaling Prompts

Whether you’re using a digital journal or a paper one, these 57 prompts separated into four categories might help you.

Fitness & Body

∙ What am I noticing in my body?
∙ What is my body trying to tell me?

∙ Do I feel tall today?

∙ Did I stretch today?
∙ Did I have conscious breathing today?

∙ What feels weak today?
∙ What feels stronger today?

∙ What aches today?
∙ Have I experienced pain today?

∙ Do I feel energy today?
∙ What promotes my energy?
∙ What drained my energy?

∙ While observing your pace, count to 10. What do I notice? Repeat but with deeper mindfulness. What do I notice now?

Today & Debrief

∙ What excites me about what I’ve planned for the day?
∙ What excited me today?

∙ What challenges are on my horizon today?
∙ What challenges did I face today?

∙ What am I looking forward to today?
∙ What were the highlight(s) of my day?

∙ What have I noticed I’m grateful for?
∙ What should I be more grateful for?
∙ What made me remember the Divine today?

∙ What was new today?
∙ What did I discover today?

∙ Is there a colour or image that could describe my mood right now?

External & Politics

∙ What makes me feel angry out in the world today?

∙ What issues are on my mind today?

∙ What media framing made me angry today?
∙ What opinion did I consume today that I agree with?

∙ What is missing on the news agenda today?

∙ What should people be more worried about?
∙ What should people be less worried about?

∙ What are people missing?

Reflection & Horizon

∙ What do I want to get off my chest?
∙ Imagining this journal was my therapist, what would I tell it?

∙ What question wouldn’t I want to answer right now?
∙ What don’t I want to worry about right now?
∙ Is there an elephant in the room right now?

∙ What’s good?
∙ What am I looking forward to?

∙ What am I proud of right now?

∙ What am I tolerating that I shouldn’t be?

∙ What conflicts have I experienced?
∙ What is troubling me at the moment?
∙ What conflictions have I noticed?

∙ What am I procrastinating on?
∙ What do I need to do?
∙ What do I really want to do but are not doing?

∙ What’s working right now?
∙ What’s not working?

∙ What am I missing?
∙ What do I need more of in life?

∙ What’s been bugging me?
∙ What has been tapping me on the shoulder?

∙ What did I achieve today?
∙ What projects am I looking forward to and why?

∙ What have I changed in the past 12 months?


Last updated: 29 August 2022
Thanks to: Fila