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This article was written on 14 Apr 2013, and is filed under Gaza Report.

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Killing Hamid – A Film

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Harry Fear / Gaza

Six days before Israel launched November’s Operation Pillar of Cloud, its military was responsible for the killing of innocent thirteen-year-old Hamid Abu Dagga.

The boy was an avid football player. He died as he was playing with his friends while wearing his Real Madrid team T-shirt.

On the winter world talking tour that followed the 8-day war, in every talk and in most media interviews, I would invoke Hamid’s story. Now I present the full investigative documentary that looks at his tragedy.

As you can imagine, filming the documentary was a totally heart-breaking experience, and I hope that the finished film is itself equally heart-breaking.

I knew a member of Hamid’s family before his death, and further coincidentally we were nearby Hamid’s home when he was mortally wounded.

In the film’s editing I pursued more of a filmic style than usual to maximise the communicated intimacy with Hamid’s tragedy.

If you almost shed a tear when watching the film then I succeeded in my objective of winning empathy for the report’s story.

The documentary, made with the support of Hamid’s family, will be used by his parents to launch their legal action against the state of Israel.

Special thanks to: Noor Harazeen, Bassem Abu Dagga, Vanessa Beeley, Mohammed Ahmed, Mohanad Nabhan, Walid Rouk, Hussein Auda, Huda Webb-Pullman, Fouad Abu-Jasser, Johnny Barber, Joe Catron, Yousef Al-Helo, Asif Bhayat, Mousheera Jammal, Jihad Rostom, Rana Shaqfa, Rana Al-Shami, Reuters.